We develop and deliver ComTest®

- an advanced measurement and control system for test automation.

We represent over 30 years of experience developing automation systems, with hundreds of ComTest systems delivered and installed at leading companies in the automotive, energy and other industrial sectors. We are a service provider, and will support you all the way from the specifications to the final system commissioning. Our customized service & support will make sure that your testing system will have a long and productive life-span.

Wide range of applications

ComTest is used for a wide range of applications, such as perfomance and durability testing of products, quality assurance of new functions, and certifications. ComTest is also used for production testing as well as monitoring long-term equipment performance in, for instance, power plants.

ComTest® maximizes performance in applications such as:

  • Component Tests
  • Engine Tests
  • Transmission Tests
  • Acoustic Tests
  • Wind Tunnel Tests
  • Climate Tests
  • Mobile Vehicle Field Tests
  • Power Plants

Your ComTest® solution

We provide system development and project management services in all test facility construcution phases; from the requirements setting and planning to the commissioning of a complete turnkey solution.

A typical turnkey solution project involves project management, system specification, customer specific design, system integration, software installation, system testing, system commissioning as well as documentation and training. We are flexible on project methodology and support both traditional models and agile development.

Among the services offered are on-duty emergency call service, helpdesk, remote diagnostics, annual version upgrades, engineering specialist support and warranty extensions.


ComTest logotype

Enter our virtual ComTest® - test cell

Manouver room image.

Enter a virtual ComTest® test cell designed by WSP!

Scalable, Flexible and Compatible

ComTest is highly scalable and can be tailored to your specific needs. Configurations range from individual test rigs to complete laboratories involving advanced data management.

The ComTest product architecture is based on proven core software combined with proven functionality, rapid development and a high degree of customization.

ComTest offers unique flexibility through its open high level test command language, TCL. Calculations and test control can be rapidly updated to meet new needs.

ComTest has built-in support for a very large number of I/O modules and instruments communicating over a range of protocols and interfaces. ComTest cooperates with world leading providers of I/O modules and instrumentation.

ComTest offers fast, safe and structured information access through advanced solutions for exchange, storage and re-use of data.

ComTest supports a wide range of standardized data formats and is compatible with other software tools such as MatLab and Excel.