Test Automation

Advanced measurement and control systems

Since 1983, we have provided hundreds of projects and a wide variety of industries with our ComTest® test systems. Having more than 30 years of experience in our field, and being a part of the global engineering company WSP, makes us a reliable and trusted partner. Displayed below are the base products we offer:

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ComTest customized advanced test system

Advanced Application Development

With ComTest® - Customized you get a professional testing enviroment with applications that can be used to control and monitor tests.

Enhance your test system with new applications. Our skilled Software developers will tailor a unique testing system for you and your needs.



ComTest mobile for mobile test applications

Tests and measurements on the go

Our ready-to-use concept makes setting up a simple test application easy. Configure your system by using ComTest Mobile’s toolbox, start recording, and then choose the powerful presentation tools to display the testing progress in real time.

Evaluating the result and creating subsequent reports and analyses is also simple.



ComTest Services offered with tailored customization

Customized Service

Maximize the performance of your test system. Using our Advanced Applications Development services, you can improve your ComTest System - or stand-alone applications - on a regular basis.